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Use of any rental services, Dress or information offered by The Dress Rental Co. (the “Services”), is governed by the following terms (the “Agreement”). By using the Services you (‘you” or “Renter”) consent to be bound by the Agreement and acknowledge your agreement to its terms. If you do not agree to be bound by this Agreement, you may not use the Services. 

The Dress Rental Company provides an inventory of clean, gently used Gowns for your use in photoshoots. You acknowledge that you are renting a dress or item and that The Dress Rental Co. retains full ownership of these items

**Our dresses are typically worn for photoshoots and are NOT to be used for actual events such as weddings, showers, receptions or engagement parties, unless you have received prior authorization** Ceremonies and events require a refundable deposit (amount varies per dress). **

YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE RENTING A NEW CONDITION DRESS AND MINOR SIGNS OF WEAR OR IMPERFECTIONS SHOULD BE EXPECTED. These imperfections will not be noticeable in photos and dresses will be retired when The Dress Rental Co. determines they will no longer photograph well. It is our wish to provide you with your dream dress, while keeping it affordable for a one time use in photos.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation within 48 hours of placing your order will result in full refund (minus credit card transaction fees). If your order is canceled after this 48 hr window, you will receive store credit for the same dollar amount that can be used towards another future rental. This credit must be used within 1 year. Please see reschedule section below if you wish to reschedule instead of cancel an order.

On rare occasions The Dress Rental Co. reserves the right to cancel a booking at short notice. Reasons for cancellation may include: an item not being available due to a late return by a previous client or damage to an item. If The Dress Rental Co. needs to cancel an order, a full refund will be provided, or you will have the option to choose a different item and we will provide a 25% discount for any inconvenience.



Up to two reschedules are allowed at no additional cost, however the reschedule dates will be subject to your dress availability. After the second reschedule, every subsequent change in rental date will be charged a $25 reschedule fee.


Local Dress Pick up/Drop off:

Once your invoice is paid, you will be contacted to arrange the pick up/ drop off times and location for your rental period.



It is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure address for your rental to be delivered. If a package is lost after a delivery notification is received, you will be responsible for locating the package, failure to do so will result in a full gown replacement fee + $50 restocking fee.


Pickup/Delivery of your Dress:

For your protection and ours, we document all damage or stains prior to sending your item out and document all damage and stains upon return. It is also your responsibility to inspect the dress upon delivery and notifiy us if you notice anything more than gentle wear (minor stains, snags). If you identify any quality issues beyond normal wear and tear, you must contact The Dress Rental Co. within 24 hours from the time of pickup/delivery.

Return Shipping:

Dresses need to be sent back on or before the last day of your booking. A return shipping label will be provided in the box. Please ensure you keep the box the dress arrived in. Make sure you get your package scanned before the end of the business day on your return date to avoid paying a late fee. Email us once the dress has been dropped off.


Late Fees:

Late Return Fee is $35.00/ per day up until 14 days. Items not returned after 14 days from the agreed return date, will be charged a full replacement fee up the the original value of the dress + $50 restocking fee.



The Dress Rental Co. will clean the dress after receiving it back.

Do NOT attempt to clean it yourself. Brush off as much sand and pick out as much debris as you can. All of the gowns are NOT to be used in water, however if your gown gets damp from walking along a beach, all dresses should be air dried and NEVER placed in the dryer. 

If you have concerns about stains, please don't hesitate to contact The Dress Rental Co. for specific instructions, as in some situations we may advise you on how to properly clean the dress.


Cleaning Fee

Under most circumstances there is no cleaning fee. However, if a dress is returned with excessive perfume smell, body odor, cigarette or marijuana smoke, dirt, stains, or sand/debris beyond what is considered gentle wear, the renter may be subject to a cleaning fee (up to $75). Renter willl be notified by email after dress insepction (within 24-48 hrs after returning the dress) of a cleaning charge and agrees to provide payment within 3 business days of invoice.


Normal Wear and Tear:

It's understood that small blemishes/stains or dirt along the bottom hem of the gowns may happen while using a dress out on location. Minor wear or stains on garments are not noticeable in photographs and therefore no damage or cleaning fees will be charged under most circumstances. Normal wear and tear encompasses minor stains or snags that do not make the dress unusable for photos.


Damage and Replacement Fees:

Large or obvious damage that would be visible in photographs will be charged repair fees. If the renter returns a product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear (see above), then the renter agrees that we shall charge repair fees (up to the original dress value). Renter willl be notified by email after dress insepction (within 24-48 hrs after returning the dress) of the damges and charges and agrees to provide payment within 3 business days of invoice.

In the very rare and severe cases of damage which render the dress unusable for future rentals, the renter agrees to pay a replacement fee not exceeding the original value of the product or gown + $50 restocking fee and agrees to pay within 3 business days of invoice.

Wedding/Event Approval:

Our gowns are typically used for photoshoots. However, on a case by case basis, an actual event such as a wedding, elopement, bridal shower etc. may be approved. Because actual events increase the risk for wear/tear/damage a refundable damage deposit is required. The refundable deposit varies from $200-$500 (depending on the dress). If the damage of the gown exceeds the damage deposit, you will be responsible for full replacement cost of the gown. 



Many dresses have several layers of fabric, long trains and/ or made out of materials including tulle that may be slippery or a tripping hazard, especially during indoor use. It is recommended to pick up the ENTIRE bottom of the dress beforetaking any steps or walking whether using the dress indoors or outdoors. The Renter agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Dress Rental Co. and its owners, officers, shareholders, operators, agents and employees from all actions, suits, claims, or demands, for the recovery of damages for any injury, illness and/or death of any person, or loss or damage of property arising out of or alleged to have arisen out of the use of the dress or item rented from The Dress Rental Co.



  • Dresses should NOT be exposed to CIGARETTE AND/OR MARIJUANA SMOKE and will be charged a cleaning fee in these cases.

  • Dresses are NOT TO BE IMMERSED IN WATER while at beach photoshoots or where other bodies of water are present. This includes not photographing dresses in heavy down pouring rain.

  • Self tanners (unless applied 48 hours prior), body shimmer or body makeup, heavy perfumes and body oils are NOT to be used as they are a risk for stains and would require an additional cleaning fee and/or repair fees.

  • Dresses are NOT to be used around anything with the potential to cause damage including, but not limited to: use around or on HORSES, smoke bombs, flames, sparklers.

  • AVOID sitting on TEXTURED SURFACES such as rocks, logs etc. UNLESS placing a towel or blanket under you.

  • Pick up the bottom of the dress while walking in areas of mud, excessive dirt, water, and AVOID thorns/sticks or any sharp debris on location.


By accepting the terms and conditions, I authorize The Dress Rental Co. to charge the provided credit card according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the goods/ services described above, including any late fees, damage fees, or replacement fees, for the amounts indicated above only. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.


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