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  • Do you offer shipping for clients that are not local?
    Yes! Shipping is offered in the contiguous United States. Please fill out the form under contact to reserve a gown to be shipped. Shipped rental costs and rental periods vary. Due to the additional transit time to and from your location, shipped rental cost will be determined by where it is going and how long the dress would be out of rotation for our local pick ups.
  • Do I clean the dress before returning?
    No, I take care of the cleaning. Please do NOT attempt to clean it yourself. If you have concerns about stains, please contact The Dress Rental Co. for specific instructions.
  • Can I wear a dress for my wedding, elopement, bridal/baby shower?
    Our gowns are typically used for photoshoots. However, on a case by case basis, an actual event such as a wedding, elopement, bridal shower etc. may be approved. Because actual events increase the risk for wear/tear/damage a refundable damage deposit is required. The refundable deposit varies from $200-$500 (depending on the dress). If the damage of the gown exceeds the damage deposit, you will be responsible for full replacement cost of the gown.
  • What if there are a few small stains or snags after I wear the dress, will I be charged?
    No. I ask that you take care of our dress as if you are borrowing from a friend. I understand small blemishes or dirt along the hem may happen while using a dress out on location. Minor wear or minor stains on garments are not noticeable in photographs and therefore no damage or cleaning fees will be charged under most circumstances. Normal wear and tear encompasses minor stains or snags that do not make the dress unusable for photos.
  • Can the dresses go in the water at beach shoots?
    The dresses are NOT to be used in any body of water. Immersing the dress fully in the salt water causes too much wear and tear. However, beach photoshoots are welcomed and encouraged and getting the hem wet while walking along the shore is not a problem. Just make sure to allow for the dress to hang dry fully before placing it back into the garment bag.
  • What should I avoid while wearing the gown?
    Follow these guidelines for the best way to keep the dress in tip top shape and avoid any cleaning and/or repair fees. No Self tanners (unless applied at least 48 hours prior), body shimmer or body makeup, heavy perfumes and body oils are to be used as they are a risk for stains and would require an additional cleaning fee and/or repair or replacements fees. Do NOT use Rental dresses around anything with the potential to cause damage including, but not limited to: use around or on HORSES, smoke, smoke bombs, flames, sparklers. The dresses are NOT to be immersed in water while at beach photoshoots or where other bodies of water are present. This includes NOT using the dress during heavy downpour. Avoid sitting on textured surfaces such as rocks, logs etc. UNLESS placing a towel or blanket under you. Please pick up the bottom of the dress while walking in areas of mud, excessive dirt, water, and avoid thorns/sticks or any sharp debris on location Thank you for doing your part in keeping the gowns in rental condition!
  • I'm local, where is dress pick up and drop off?
    Dress pick up and drop offs are at the Westshore Mall in South Tampa. The week before your shoot, I will reach out to set up a time to meet.
  • Can I try on a dress if I live locally in Tampa, FL?
    Possibly! Many of the dresses book back to back or need to be cleaned in between rentals, making it difficult to schedule a try on. However, don't hesitate to reach out and I will try to accommodate this request when I can.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Cancellation Policy: Cancellation within 48 hours of placing your order will result in full refund (minus credit card transaction fees). If your order is cancelled after this 48 hr window, you will receive store credit for the same dollar amount that can be used towards another future rental. This credit must be used within 1 year.
  • My photoshoot date changed due to bad weather, can I reschedule?
    Yes, however the reschedule dates will be subject to your dress availability. Up to two reschedules are allowed at no additional cost. After the second reschedule, every subsequent change in rental date will be charged a $25 reschedule fee. *Shipped reschedules: Sometimes the dress can not be kept longer due to another rental, in which case you would need to mail the dress back. You can then reschedule and pay only shipping fees for the new rental date.
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